The Serbian Society for Reproductive Endocrinology (SSRE) is a voluntarly, non-governmental, and non-profit organization that was founded on 23 May 2012. The mission of the SSRE is focused on improving knowledge on the mechanisms of the development of disease, clinical presentation and and the consequences that may arise in the reproductive period, and periods of life related to it, and with the aim of improving the general health of our population and our patients. SSRE is inviting all interested for the activities of the Society, and studying different aspects of reproductive endocrinology, to participate with the ideas, basic and clinical research, and their clinical experience.




The main objectives of the SSRM are set in the area of endocrine reproductive abnormalities and related fields, and for the improvement of prevention and treatment in:

  • neuroendocrinology of reproduction,
  • problems of sex differentiation,
  • problems of puberty and adolescent endocrinology and urology,
  • problems and conseuences caused by anovulation and hyperandrogenic states,
  • endocrine, gynecologic and urologic aspects of infertility and pregnancy,
  • endocrine problems during transition periods of life,
  • development of metabolic, cardiovascular, immunologic and oncologic states related to the reproductive system during puberty, reproductive and postreproductive period.


For more Information please contact the SSRM and Professor Djuro Macut by e-mail:, or by telephone:  +381 11 3639742.

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